SOUL 新品推介Openear Series

  #SOUL新品登場 SOUL OPENEAR開放式空氣傳導無線藍牙耳機系列,添加款產品成員 全天候佩戴舒適體驗,安全地盡享音樂空間 呢次OPENEAR系列為咗我哋「遊戲生活、戶外運動」兩大需求著想,塑造出OPENEAR PLUS運動型耳機及OPENEAR S-CLIP真無線藍牙耳機 平時返工打機可以戴OPENEAR [...]


The Ultra Portable True Wireless Earbuds

The S-TRACK is the lightest earbud we've ever created. Ergonomic fit, comfortably lightweight truly wireless earphones together with quality. [...]

S-Storm Max

• SOUL's signature sound with Bluetooth v5.0 • Bluetooth range: 10m (33ft) • Powerful 20W output • IP66 water & dustproof rating • Up to 15 hours total playtime, USB Type-C charging • [...]

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