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(Value-Added Industry Distributor in Macau)

Found in 2000, Sangfor Technologies is the global leading vendor of IT infrastructure solutions. It is specialized in Cloud Computing, Network Security and Network Optimization.






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Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (aDesk VDI)

Sangfor aDesk VDI – A Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Solution Sangfor aDesk VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) Solution is the latest virtual desktop cloud solution based on hyper-converged infrastructure. Through deeply integrated server virtualization, desktop virtualization and storage virtualization, it only takes an aDesk thin client appliance and a cloud terminal to deliver rapid deployment of cloud platform.

Sangfor aDesk VDI promises a premium-quality solution with distinguished server visualisation and storage visualization most beneficial for a wide range of industries. Utilise Sangfor aDesk VDI as a remarkable solution for your educational facility, enterprise, government or other industry with low energy consumption, reduced TCO and an overall advanced infrastructure, security and stability. Sangfor and NVIDIA have launched the industry’s first end-to-end, KVM based vGPU (Virtual GPU) graphics card virtualization solution.


Internet Access Management (IAM)

Sangfor IAM Secure Web Gateway has been listed in the SWG Gartner Magic Quadrant for 7 consecutive years. Sangfor IAM is a superior Internet behaviour management solution consisting of professional internet bandwidth management, application control, URL filters, traffic control, information control, illegal hotspot/proxy control, behaviour analysis, wireless network management and many more features.

  1. Minimizes access to non-business related sites and distractions.
  2. Provides an intelligent billing solution.
  3. Maximizes bandwidth usage and availability.
  4. Minimizes leakage and regulatory risks and protects intranet data security.
  5. Provides visual management and comprehensive control of wireless APs.
  6. Enables unified internet behaviour management for wired and wireless networks.
  7. Simplifies legal compliance with simplified cross-regional controls.

Next Generation Firewall Solution (NGAF)

Sangfor NGAF is the world’s first AI enabled and fully integrated NGFW (Next Generation Firewall) + WAF (Web Application Firewall) with an all-around protection from all threats powered by innovations such as Neural-X and Engine Zero. It is a truly secured, integrated and simplified firewall solution, providing holistic overview of the entire organization security network, with ease of management for administration, operation & maintenance.


SSL VPN Solution (SSL VPN)

Sangfor SSL VPN Solution provides support for remote user access to the enterprise network from anywhere Internet enabled location. Remote access is provided through a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) enabled by an SSL VPN gateway. The SSL VPN gateway allows remote users to establish a secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) tunnel using a web browser. This comprehensive solution allows easy access to a broad range of web resources and web-enabled applications (e.g. Easy Connect) using native HTTP over SSL (HTTPS) browser support.


Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI)

Sangfor HCI boasts incredibly simplified operation with high-quality infrastructure designed to support your business. This system can be deployed within just minutes, whereby minimal manual operation is required.

Sangfor HCI consolidates traditional hardware-appliance based security, IP network, storage network, server and storage into one tier of commodity hardware (x86 server), which forms a standardized HCI unit.
By building IT infrastructure with a standardized HCI vendor and realizing visible, centralized operation and management via a unified WEB platform, users can enjoy an ultra-simplified, on-demand IT framework that is evolvable.


Cyber Command

Cyber Command can be trusted to improve overall IT security and risk posture:

  • Significantly improves overall security detection and response capabilities by monitoring internal network traffic.
  • Correlating existing security events, applying AI and behavior analysis, all aided by global threat intelligence.
  • Uncovers breaches of existing security controls while impact analysis identifies hidden threats within the network.
  • Integrates network and endpoint security solutions so that it can respond to threats is automated and simplified.

Empower your Security Team
Give your team 100% visibility into threats and detect the 1% that other tools cannot find. This holistic view of the entire network gives control back to your security team for cyber threat detection.

Focus on your Core Business
Automating NDR lets you to focus on your business goals and not having to worry about undetected cyberthreats. Cyber Command helps your security team concentrate on the prevention of attacks and minimize the impact of any breaches found.

Protect Your Brand
Data breaches and ransomware include the possibility of attackers posting you data online to force ransom payment or expose company secrets. Cyber Command can detect data exfiltration and block it using XDDR integration with NGAF, IAG and Endpoint Secure. This protects your brand by keeping your data out of the public eye.

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