RAPID7 is a leading provider of security data and analytics solutions that enable organizations to implement an active, analytics-driven approach to cyber security.

RAPID7’s IT Security Analytics Solutions Enable you to:

– Reduce your risk of a breach
– Find the attacks you’re missing
– Accelerate security improvement


The Rapid7 Insight Platform

Comprehensive, simple to scale, and leaves attackers nowhere to hide.

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Rapid7’s InsightIDR is your security center for incident detection and response, authentication monitoring, and endpoint visibility. InsightIDR identifies unauthorized access from external and internal threats and highlights suspicious activity so you don’t have to weed through thousands of data streams.

Immediate ROI
Our agile, tailored, and adaptable SIEM is built in the cloud to get you up and running quicker than ever before, while continuously up-leveling your capabilities as you grow into the platform.”

Alerts That Matter
With machine learning, advanced analysis, and out-of-the box detections curated by our global SOC team, you’ll quickly sift through data to identify and respond to real threats, all within one interface.

Built by Experts
Leverage our threat intel network, research, and SOC experts to the capacity that best fits your needs. Our flexible, intelligence-infused approach helps you make the most of your resources—and ours.



The Rapid7 Insight platform, launched in 2015, brings together Rapid7’s library of vulnerability research, exploit knowledge, global attacker behavior, Internet-wide scanning data, exposure analytics, and real-time reporting to provide a fully available, scalable, and efficient way to collect your vulnerability data and turn it into answers.

InsightVM leverages this platform for live vulnerability and endpoint analytics. Thousands of customers have been using this solution since June of 2016 when it was released in BETA as “Nexpose Now”.



InsightAppSec is part of Rapid7’s security suite, providing Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) for mature and maturing Application Security professionals. Apps are getting more and more complex, utilizing complex JavaScript frameworks, like React and Angular, that provide a richer experience and an easier path to full feature sets, but also present challenges to secure those apps.



You transform your business. We’ll keep your cloud services secure.

InsightCloudSec enables you to drive innovation through continuous security and compliance.

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