ABOUT Menlo Security

Menlo Security protects organizations from cyber-attacks by eliminating the threat of malware from the web, documents and email. The company offers the only Cloud Security Platform with an Isolation Core™ that scales to provide comprehensive protection across enterprises of any size, without requiring endpoint software or impacting the end user-experience. Menlo Security is trusted by major global businesses, including Fortune 500 companies and financial services institutions.


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Platform Overview


Secure Web Gateway (SWG)

Lives in the cloud. Secures like a dream.
Purpose-built for the cloud, our isolation-powered Secure Web Gateway (SWG) sidesteps stop-gap security measures and protects completely.

Outsmarts known, unknown, and future threats.
Our SWG employs Zero Trust principles, isolating threats from reaching users and always staying ahead of the next attack, eliminating the need for allow-or-block band-aids.

One platform, one interface.
Our approach converges SWG capabilities into a single cloud-native platform, eliminating multiple appliances and giving managers one interface to navigate.

Flexible, easy deployment options.
Delivered as a cloud service or on-premise, our SWG quickly integrates with existing infrastructure and supports any device including mobile users.


Email Isolation

Protecting the most critical business tool.
Outsmarting email threats while preserving the user experience and protecting productivity with Menlo Security Email Isolation.

Delivers only safe content to endpoints.
All native email content is discarded in disposable containers using stateless web sessions, leaving employees with only the good stuff.

Eliminate all email-delivered malware.
All email links and attachments are transformed and passed through the isolation platform. No need for an appliance or endpoint client, agent, or plug-in.

Transparent and seamless to users.
We take the security responsibility out of your users’ hands and work behind the scenes to preserve their experience and protect productivity.



Contain sensitive data, full stop.
Providing seamless protection to the most valuable information your business manages.

Real-time visibility.
Providing the view you need to stop data exfiltration transported over the web, including HTTP/HTTPS POST protocols.

Complete data inspection.
Safe viewing of websites by executing all active and risky web content in a remote cloud-based browser.

Insights you can act on.
Built-in and custom queries, reports, alerts, and event logs that provide optimal traffic analysis.

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