[HCL BigFix Webinar] Identify and Remediate the Log4j Vulnerability

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Identify and Remediate the Log4j Vulnerability

Monday, 28th Feb, 1pm-2pm HKT

Nearly every global enterprise or organization is facing pressure to fix what experts are calling one of the most serious software vulnerabilities in recent memory- Log4j Vulnerability.

Log4j is everywhere. Apache Log4j is a popular Java library developed and maintained by the Apache foundation. The Log4j library is widely adopted and used in many commercial and open-source software products as a logging framework for Java.

It is estimated that hundreds of millions of devices are at risk, and may include government and commercial devices. In addition, each affected device may have dozens or hundreds of places where the vulnerable code resides.

Fortunately, HCL BigFix is designed to help with exactly these kinds of scenarios.

Join us on Feb 28th to find out more about the Log4j remediation. In this live webinar on Log4j, you will learn about:

  • What is Log4j?
  • Latest news on the Log4j threat
  • HCL BigFix Guide for Countering the Log4J Vulnerability
  • What we are hearing from our customers?
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This HCL BigFix webinar will be presented by:

– Matthew Burns, Associate Vice President, HCL BigFix

– Michael Thompson, Technical Advisor, HCL BigFix

– Zane Sanderson, Technical Advisor, HCL BigFix


To learn more about HCL BigFix and other offerings, please visit www.bigfix.com or contact us now!

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