Compucon has brought you Shure Next Generation Ceiling Microphone!

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Compucon is pleased to announce our strategic distribution partnership with Shure, the leading global manufacturer of Audio Electronic equipment since 1925. Introducing the new MXA920 Ceiling Array featuring Automatic Coverage™ technology so that you can cover the areas you want, and avoid the sounds you don’t, with enhanced directional pick-up, onboard IntelliMix DSP designed to deliver noise- and echo-free performance.



【 Your MXA920 Advantage 】⁣⁣⁣

  • Coverage where your want it

Automatic CoverageTM technology captures up to a 30 x 30 foot (9 x 9 m) area automatically for great sound out of the box.

  • Seamless Integration

Next-generation array architecture delivers more directional pickup at low frequencies for more natural sounding voice.

  • Fits Your Room Design

Square or round form factors suit your interior design. Choose white, black, or aluminum finish (square available in white only), or paint to match room aesthetics.

  • Voice Lift

Highly directional pickup allows audience members across the room to interact without the need for set up.


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